Course unit contributes to the training of future specialists in the field of Veterinary Medicine, by acquiring skills the ability to learn and put into practice the knowledge gained, to demonstrate the spirit of initiative and teamwork, knowledge and application of information technologies, ability to communicate in a foreign language, ability to communicate with colleagues, animal owners, the media and hierarchically superior authorities, etc.), as well as specific skills in knowing and understanding biological processes of parasites occurring in the animal body and the theoretical basis of the veterinary sciences, ethical norms and which determines and regulates the processes and relationships of parasite-host examination of organs, tissues, bases of analysis of examination results macro- and microscopic preparations, the essence of the processes and anatomopathological changes installed, the modern methodology of research of the morpho-anatomopathological phenomena in the animal organism in order to exercise at an optimal level the professional attributions, collection, interpretation and analysis of relevant data in the field of veterinary parasitology elaboration of activity plans for the entity application of modern information technologies, adoption and optimization of managerial decisions related to the veterinary activity, establishing mutually beneficial relationships with local partners.