About Ag-Lab Erasmus+ Project

Ag-Lab aims to improve the quality control of agro-food products in the three recently associated EU member countries by improving upon the training of their specialists. The project deals with the part of the Agreement related to food and agricultural products safety which can be ensured through appropriate laboratory control of EU legislation and standards.

The project will, over the 3 years of its duration, create 4 specialized courses dedicated to laboratory practice in agro-food sector: veterinary medicine, agronomy, animal husbandry and food technologies.

4 expected project outcomes:

- Elaborated training courses and obtained necessary competences for students and laboratory staff;

- Trained teacher teams;

- Pedagogical supports;

- Created tools for cooperative teaching with the participation of universities and acting laboratory staff

Ag-Lab Moodle

Ag-Lab will provide its stakeholders with a new approach to teaching specialized courses through laboratory practice for specialists of the agro-food sector in the partner country HEIs. This will be achieved through the permanent exchange among teachers, laboratory specialists and their EU colleagues via the Ag-Lab Moodle portal. New information, new rules, regulations, procedures will be shared in English and in national languages. Students will obtain access to the platform to find places for internships and employment.

Additional Information

Please visit the following links to get additional information about Ag-Lab or to get access to the courses offered.

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