University: Sumy National Agrarian University, Ukraine

University: Sumy National Agrarian University, Ukraine

The purpose of the study "Diagnosis and identification of GMOs. DNA certification "is the acquisition of theoretical foundations and the formation of appropriate practical skills in the study of biological objects, taking into account classical and modern scientific approaches that harmoniously combine perception and understanding for students of biotechnology and environmental universities. The special part of the discipline provides an opportunity to master the basic methods of working with genetic material, which is necessary for the training of highly qualified specialists in industry units.

Tasks of the rules of work in the molecular biological laboratory, the main methods of practical diagnosis and identification of genetically modified organisms in consumer products and to work out methods and systems of DNA certification of valuable agricultural plants using modern biotechnological and molecular biological methods.

University: Sumy National Agrarian University, Ukraine 

In-depth study of the basic principles of selection of plants-producers of biologically active compounds, obtaining superproducers, application of genetic engineering methods to obtain secondary metabolites; technological bases of biotechnological productions; the latest technologies of selection, reproduction, cultivation and use of plants based on the development of cell and genetic engineering; study of normative documents, including industry standards, technological regulations, safety rules.

University: Sumy National Agrarian University, Ukraine

The purpose of teaching the discipline of cellular and molecular biology is the formation of students a thorough knowledge of modern concepts of cellular and molecular biology, holistic understanding of the molecular mechanisms of conservation and realization of genetic information, structure and function of nucleic acids and proteins, structure of cells and analysis of cells of spatial structures of biological macromolecules, to form in students a holistic and systematic view of the organization of biological structures on the molecular and mechanisms for the implementation of genetic information.

University: Caucasus International University (CIU), Georgia

Course has specialty mandatory status on the master's Educational Program in Georgian Viniculture and Winemaking. 

Implementer/author of the course is Associated Professor, Olani Gotsiridze.

Study of the curriculum does not require precondition.

Volume in credits -4 credits. Number of hours is 100 hour during the semester. 

University: Caucasus International University (CIU), Georgia

Course has speciality elective status on the Master's Educational Program in Georgian Viniculture and Winemaking. Implementer/author of the course is Associated Professor, Marika Mikiashvili. The academic course has no precondition for admission.

Volume in credits -5 credits. Number of hours is 125 hour during the semester. 

The aim of the course of study :

To teach the student:

• enterprise processes management of the;

• Food safety legislation and state policy in Georgia;

 • Requirements of the modern system of food safety management in the food chain, so called Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points System – HACCP;

 • Diseases associated with viticulture and winemaking, the types of wine falsification;

 • Wine quality control analyses and laboratory support;

 • ISO certification and basic principles of quality assurance;

 • Certification and standardization processes and their importance in production processes.

University: Comrat State University (CSU), Moldova

Students, cycle of master – mandatory, 2-d year of study of CSU.

Specialty -Management in Agriculture  


Direct contacts hours

Theory - 30 h.

Nondirect contacts hours

Independently work - 120h.

Total - 150 hours