Course has specialty elective status on the master's Educational Program in Georgian Viniculture and Winemaking. 

Implementer/author of the course is Associated Professor, Marika Mikiashvili.

The academic course has no precondition for admission.

Volume in credits -5 credits. Number of hours is 125 hour during the semester. 

The aim of the course of study :

To teach the student:

• enterprise processes management of the;

• Food safety legislation and state policy in Georgia;

 • Requirements of the modern system of food safety management in the food chain, so called Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points System – HACCP;

 • Diseases associated with viticulture and winemaking, the types of wine falsification;

 • Wine quality control analyses and laboratory support;

 • ISO certification and basic principles of quality assurance;

 • Certification and standardization processes and their importance in production processes.

Students, cycle of master – mandatory, 2-d year of study of CSU.

Specialty -Management in Agriculture  


Direct contacts hours

Theory - 30 h.

Nondirect contacts hours

Independently work - 120h.

Total - 150 hours