Institution: Tblisi State University

Country: Georgia

The course aims to give students of the MSc programmme in “Applied Biosciences” the deepen knowledge in laboratory organization, management  and lab biosafety rules; International standards ISO related to laboratory researches (GLP, ISO 17025 etc.).

The students will get acquainted with the basic and express methods of Lab Analysis, modern technologies for Applied Bioscience and Biotechnology, facilities and programmes of data registration and analysis. The module will serve to improve practical skills, like obtain, record, collate and analyze data using appropriate qualitative and quantitative techniques;

 Main points to be covered:

 Ø  Basics of Laboratory practice

Ø  Lab biosafety

Ø  Metrology, ISO, GLP, Management

Ø  Basic techniques: gel-electrophoresis, centrifuging, chromatography, PCR, sequencing, DNA arrays)

Ø  Preparing of solutions

Ø  Animal care; vivarium management; phytotron

Ø  Sampling and Probe preparing

Ø  Histological techniques and microscopy